Carroll's 55th Street


Back to doing our thing with Donna

It was Wednesday night and the entire band was back in Studio 2 of Carroll's for another freaky adventure in Deadstein. Actually it wasn't too freaky, just another night of jamming. The only item I had on the agenda to address this week was to play two Beatles songs I had worked on during the week, I me Mine and Helter Skelter. Fortunately for us, Kevin and I got there very early and were able to work on the licks of I Me Mine prior to anyone else arriving. This did help us a bit by the time the song came up to be played. To open the evening, we decided to tackle the Music Never Stopped into Sugaree and back into Music Never Stopped that we discussed the week before. Though we have been playing Music Never Stopped quite a bit lately, this gave us a chance to change it up a bit and remember the great Alpine Valley show from August 7, 1982 that gave this combination its validity. From there we went into a Walking Blues which we haven't done for months, so it was a pretty good feeling walking into the blues early on into the night.

Donna showed us that she has been working on Black Throated Wind has she gave us her first crack at that song. The Oh Darling was my positive foray into the Beatles segment and it did get us off in the right direction. I think the two songs I wanted to try, I Me Mine and Helter Skelter were worthwhile, and I look forward to doing them again.

We got a Weight early in the night and it was probably our best execution on that song to date. The Looks Like Rain --> Deal was a good close to the first set. To open the second set we started with a double dose of openers but settled down with the Hurts Me Too. The Casey Jones followed and then we got into a medley that led us into a Black Muddy River to close the night.