Carroll's 55th Street


Classic Deadstein setup with a strong set of songs

Although I'm writing the blog post a week late, it doesn't take away from the goodness that happened during the jam. It was just the standard six members coming together for a jam and we had no agenda to sway us one way or the other. The set therefore, took on an organic life of its own, but organic is not synonymous with vegetarian and this jam was filled with protein.

A Jack Straw -> Devil C.C. Rider is a good indication that we were off to a good setlist but it can turn two ways from there, up or down. Fortunately for us, the jam turned up as we attacked the Halfstep in the middle of the set while also incorporating a mid-set Sailor Saint. Cap it all off with a Birdsong Music to close and you have a setlist that would make a Rodizio restaurant proud.

We kept up the momentum with the second set by attacking a Help -> Slip -> Franklins to open which keeps getting better each week. Rich got in a It's No Use blues number before we embarked on the 2nd set combo which ended with the set ending Playing in the Band reprise. To close we threw in a nice quick and fun You Never Can tell and we were out of there waiting for the next week to approach. Until then, freak out.