Carroll's 55th Street


Our ultra-wacky MegaByte festival

We knew this was going to be a MegaByte big circus from the start and we had everyone in the band there to to participate while the freaks came in and out. It started off simply enough as we were blowing through a few songs that don't have any harmonies in them until Donna arrived by around the 3rd song. From there we continued with a relatively normal but nice first set ending with the High-Time Let It Grow. We did throw in the Till the Morning Come capper just for the hell of it to keep the riotous masses quiet.

For the second set we had an unusual opener of Brother Esau, providing Donna a opportunity to start fresh with this number that she has been working on the lead vocal. The Women I pulled out of my a$$ was a lot of fun and typically doesn't disappoint as much as the initial reaction to the song would suggest. Out of the He's Gone I selected the If I had the World to Give instead of the Other One which was default path we could has selected, but the If I had the World to Give was a nice change of pace and a way of keeping it in relative rotation. Donna left us on a really well executed Oh Darling. With that we ended the night with 3 Jerry Garcia Band songs including a fairly epic Positively 4th Street.

Till the Freak Out Comes.