Smash Studios A


Nice weather for a change didn't disrupt Brotpen's birthday set in Studio A.

For the first week in a few, weather was not a factor in the jam and we got the entire crew there to celebrate Rich's birthday set without any threat of missing anyone.  It was Rich's birthday setlist to construct so he picked all the songs that were played on Valentine's day in the past and put them on a list for us to choose from.  The night worked well and it was a good setlist to play from.  Rich sang a good deal of the songs and was especially good during the spacey second set.  we went places extraterrestrial during that set. 

There were no guests in the room to listen to us but we sounded good for the most part nevertheless.  I finally go a grip on how the sound system works in Studio A and was able to tweak it to our liking.  I thought it sounded very good and was comfortable to sing into and to listen to stuff out of.  That was a positive for as long as we are going to play in Studio A.  Trister had his old Strat with him again as his rebuilt Ibanez is done yet not delivered.  Next week we should experience the entire Trister sound as he has paid for it.   I'm going to stretch out my ear drums preparing for his Mu-Tron that is going to pop them next week at 100% gain before effect.   Trister was also riffing "Till there was You" all night long when he wasn't playing themes from James Bond.  Rich Brentpen was still in a leg cast yet eager enough to make it to the jam.  Mitch still had the new improved drum set that he was enjoying.  He even had his first drum solo, I think during the Other One.  There was nothing new for Kevin or I.  Even Kevin's shoes were getting old as you can tell because he wore them to the jam instead of carrying them in his protective purse.  

There was lots of good stuff and a few clunking moments but that is to be expected I guess.  The room only cost $141 for the night instead of the typical $180.  Maybe it was our gvetching about the lack of special treatment were were getting on Monday nights with respect to the so called discount.  I don't exactly know why we go the discount but we are not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  It was a cheap easy night.  My parking lot only cost me $10 last night.  You have to love a Monday.  We even got a nice amount of songs in.

Kev, Coffee and I met at the Fresco Taco for some of that unique NYC cuisine.  I had the typical C5 and it was good.  I also got a couple of large Dunkin Donuts coffees for the jam.  There was like no traffic on the way in so I got into the city in record time.  It was the 40th anniversary of the Beatles playing on Ed Sullivan for the first time.

Till next Tuesday.