Perry Street


Official First Deadstein Jam

Deadstein's first jam occurred on October 9, 1990, 22 and a half years ago. We played at Richie Haven's/Dennis' rehearsal studio/home at 162 Perry Street, NY, NY. Up to now, the music from this historic jam was only available on the few original cassette tapes that may be floating around. I found mine floating around and decided to digitize the music, master it and post the subsequent MP3s on the original web page for this jam. Click here to view the webpage and and read about the jam as written several years after it happened.

This first tape is a soundboard mixed for us live by Dennis in his studio. There is so much to understand about the evolution of Deadstein by listening to this first jam. You can hear the strong foundation that would eventually be the Deadstein sound. In many respects, we were better back then. We were much closer to the Grateful Dead as they were still creating music and the hope of the Grateful Dead was alive in all of us, well maybe not Dave. It was great listening to this jam for me while making it, and it may be fun for you also.