Smash Studios A


Core Deadstein in Studio A for a Larry non-setlist with lots of Garband.

Still in Studio A of Smash Studios.  It was my setlist to make up so it entailed lots of Garband in the second set.  There were some real durges, as can be expected when I create the setlist, but we stayed cool calm and collected for them and kept them at the tempos they are supposed to be at.  The first set turned out to be pretty big and fulfilling.  many good things.  Even the Garband second set was a hit in that most songs were done very well.  Rich and I had time before the jam started to work our way through a good deal of the Beatle packet including No Where man, I Will, In My Life, Two of Us, Imagine.  It was fun.

No food for anyone due to the crazy timing of the jam.

Till next Thursday at 7:00 due to Passover and we will need to find a drummer.