Smash Studios A


Core Deadstein in Studio A for a Kevin non-setlist.

Still in Studio A of Smash Studios.  Stu was our only guest, getting into the groove we provided.  We played pretty well for most of the night, nice and tight an crisp.  It was a Kevin setlist night and he made a feeble attempt to write one at the Fresco Taco but to no avail.  He recited it as the night went on.  I was adjusting the PA before the jam and the so-called "Guy" walked in and caught me in the act as I scurried away like a scared chicken..  The PA sounded pretty good all night.

We ended 15 minutes early as Trister broke a string at the end of the Saint of Circumstance.  In addition, my amp was farting beyond belief at that time also.  Kevin also had the guy yank out a blown speaker from the bass cabinet to no avail which got us starting later than usual.

I had a C5 at the Fresco-Tortilla-Taco Tex-Mexican restaurant where I met the usual Kev and Coffee-Boy.

Till next Monday  at 6:00