Smash Studios A


Core Deadstein in Studio A for a Brotpen 3/18 setlist.

Still in Studio A of Smash Studios, Deadstein continued by it's lonesome self without and guests just playing to itself for its own self gratification.  For the most part we were gratified with the night.  

It was a Rich setlist, picking from all the tunes the Grateful Dead have played on March 18 through the years.  It's hard to image that they did a Rosalee McFall on 3/18/87 electric but I guess they did.  In addition, I was at that show and don't remember it.  Brain cells weren't meant to be permanent structures in my head anyway.

We got there early, being like no traffic and we were in the studio by 6:30 setting up, tweaking the PA and the rest.  We got going by around 7:30 but from note one it appeared that Deadstein was in for a good night.  Even the The Beatles songs seemed to got well.  The terrapin, Uncle John's Maggie had a certain power to it and it was good.  Jack-a-Roe was particularly snappy.

Kev, Coffee and I met at the Fresco Taco where they had their usual but I ventured to try the Beef Cow Fun and it was cow and it was fun.  Good stuff, it sounds so much more interesting that and C-5, in name only.  I got the fresh Paulie's pizza on the way home which I had to wait 10 minutes for while the pie was cooking.  In the world March madness just started, Howard Stern is starting to be harassed by the federal government for talking dirty and it is snowing in March.  Censorship will make me end up voting for Ralph Nader again in this election.  Don't take my Stern away, that's something to get pissed about.

Till next Thursday  at 7:00