Smash Studios A


Core Deadstein in Studio A, 8-12 for a Trister setlist.

It was a late night for us in Smash Studios A for a Monday night.  Due to the Spanish Burger King commercial rehearsal, we agreed to the 8-12 slot which has us playing way past our bedtimes.  Some how we made it almost to 12 midnight jamming and jamming well.  We were playing well and it carried us through the extended hour.  We had no guests in the room and Rich was a bit late since his new job had him actually working.  You got to hate work!

I had my new TU-2 tuner which made my life a lot easier.  An unexciting new toy but a necessity.  I also handed out new Beatle packets for everyone.  The Till There Was You was surprisingly a lot of fun.  A bit rushed and not so sweet but a good first attempt anyway.  We played lots of really good versions including our early takes of Getaway, Greatest, Touch and Minglewood.   All A caliber versions.  Trister broke a string while hitting some really nice blues notes in the Takes a Lot to Laugh.  Whenever he broke a string, twice in the night, it gave Rich and I a chance to check out the Beatle packet.  

We cut the Dark Star and Other One in half to give us time to almost complete the set which wasn't completed but it ended on a good note of a very hot Morning Dew.  While the song itself dragged a bit, the jams were hot including a well timed climatic final jam to go home on.

Since we starting late it messed up the entire eating schedule.  I parked on the street and had no time for Fresco Taco.  Actually, I had time just that I ate on the way in.  I got a $6 quad-vent- latte instead before the jam. I also had 2 slices and a coke from the pizza stand at the corner of 36th and 8th.   While it was hot, it could have been cooked a bit more.

Till next Thursday  at 7:00