Carroll's 55th Street


Practicing with our new Donna for the upcoming party, but it was a bigger hodge-podge than that.

Wow, it was quite another week of the ever changing world of Deadstein. We have the July 7 jam upcoming in Short Hills and Rich is into finding any sliver of hope and help to get us over a hump he has in his mind. In preparation for the gig we gather a bunch of people to simulate the upcoming jam. To help were Bill Slaon, Alan D and Marty G., this was in addition to Kev and I and a slumping Scott who may have just played his last drums till after his rotator cuff surgery. We are thinking of you Scott and wish you a speedy recovery. So in addition to those 3 guys we also had the meeting of our new Donna for the gig. Lynn Elliot is the jewish deadhead from Ithaca College who knows the music better than any of us in the room. She has a voice that towers over the rest of us and is another new cool enjoyable episode to the Deadstein saga. Another crazy, crazy night.

So Bill didn't get there until 5 or 6 songs into the night. Lynn and her friend Claudia arrived closer to 9:30. We ended up reapeating a couple of songs that she wanted to do that we did before that we thought she wouldn't be doing. Beat It and Cassidy were the songs and we did them well both times. The 77'esqu Dancin was a treat.