Carroll's 55th Street


All six of us together in Studio 2 to witness the "Blemishing of the Bolt."

The 8-12 jam at Carroll's and the whole band was back together in action.  We got there in studio two and were ready for a good looking night of music.  Trister was back with his Bolt with a few weeks under his belt with having it now, ready to rock!  We even had the good amps.  I had some silver face Twin and Trister had the great 1962 Twin.  We had the Kevin setlist ready to do the simple and slow Sitting Here in Limbo.  We started it once and it was a bad tempo and groove and them the 1962 Twin exploded and it was history.  Trister got the red sticker denoting service is required and a master knob silver faced Twin.  We played the Limbo in its entirety but Trister's amp had dead speakers in it and he wasn't happy so he got himself a Reissue Twin.  With all these amps and amp cases around Andy tragically pulled the cord of his guitar and timber it went onto the corner of an Anvil amp case.  The terrifying lift of the axe revealed a ding in it somewhere between and gauge and a gash.  Not a pretty sight and not a happy Trister.  A bag of M&Ms with peanuts and a few deep breaths and thoughts and Trister roughed it out for the rest of the night which proved to be a wise decision because we played some good meaningful music to make us for the blemishing of the bolt.

After this debacle we said, "fuck the list" and went into Round Robin As far as guests we did have two, Mitch's friends from somewhere, that guy and his chair moving friend Ron.

It was a cold blustery night outside. 

Till next Thursday, February 10, 2005