Carroll's 55th Street


Five of us get by without a Bolt guitar to lead us, just an ordinary Strat.

The 8-12 jam at Carroll's without Trister.  I was therefore the only guitarist with the rest of Deadstein in tow.    We were in one of the medium studios and Jimmy seemed to be in rare form.  Asking us if we were expecting any guests or not.  Finding out no one was coming, he locked the elevator and took a nap.

It was just the 5 of us.  The drummers had the good drum sets, Kevin had the bad 2 piece bass amp, I had the reissue Twin and Brotpen had his typical set of keys.  The PA was the Mackie all-in-one piece and it gave me quite a jolt just before we started putting a real damper on the night.  It was probably because I had my AC adapter for the effects turned around in the power strip but I was too fearful to test it again all night.  Luckily, Carroll's is well equipped enough o provide a wind sock for me and I never did touch the mic again all night to see if flipping the AC adaptor had an impact or not.  I couldn't get anyone else in the room to be in guinea pig.

I though the Aiko had synchronization problems with respect to getting us all on the same page but the Beat it on Down the Line was solid.  A 9-count which represented a -1 for the Iraqi people and and 10 for Israel.  Birdsong was very solid, comfortable and lengthy.  Kevin called for the Let it grow and I gave him the entire suite.

We followed this with an attempt at a selective Tommy packet that I prepared.  Most of it didn't do too well, but it was worth the try.  Coffee seemed geared up to provide us lots of the power we needed to get through it all.  See me, feel, me, touch me heal me.

Stop That Train was pretty good and the Eyes we went into was nice and spacey and relaxed.  It gave us places we were able to get lost in.  "Crack of My Scraps" or Wharf rat  was no good, just never had a good feel to it and the waltz never came close to holding itself up.  I figured we could do the Brotpen style Lovelight after it but that also flopped, we were on a roll, and it wasn't a good one.  That is when Coffee called for the What a Wonderful World and surprisingly, it was pretty good once Kevin understood my tablature and where i was going with that.  We ended the night with a keep You Day Job to just shows that when someone calls for a song that isn't a throw-away to end the night you are bound to get one.

In the news, the Iraqis had what looked like a remarkable election this week, hopefully providing the green light to get the Americans out of that G-d forsaken piece of crap they call the fertile crescent.  Super Bowl between the Pats and the Eagles is scheduled for Jacksonville, Fla this Sunday.  The weather was dry and temperate for this time of the year.

Till next Thursday, February 10, 2005