Caroll's 41st Street


Carroll's Studio 3A without Trister, but Bayside Alan and Jay sat in for some good fun.

It was back into Carroll's studio 3A and we had the re-emergence of Brotpen.  This week we didn't have everyone back as Trister had circumstances beyond his control and he couldn't make it.  Fortunately Emmy winning Bayside Alan joined in and made it a hot evening.  In addition his friend, Bayside Jay sat in and sang many songs in the first set.  He left by the second set though.

I got there a little late, but it didn't matter because the drum set was not even out of the box when we got there, so it was at least 8:00 until we were ready to go.  Even with that said, we got lots of playing in.  The set me up with a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue, which to me should be as good as a Twin, especially in that room where a Deluxe has enough power.  Unfortunately, there was no reverb working on the unit.  I accepted it's use without making a fuss because the room, in and of itself has plenty of its own reverb. Rich had both an electronic Keyboard and a piano hooked up but it was unfortunate they they did charge us an additional $40 for the electronic keyboard.  The PA was marginal at best but iut was fun and it felt good.  Kev and Coffee-Boy really impressed on a few of the songs, sounding real tight and powerful.

I got there too late to eat in the city so I stopped at Paulie's pizza on the way home and it was a blessing.  In the world, Sadam Hussein was turned over to the new Iraqi government to stand trial and made his first appearance in front of the world since being pulled out of a spider hole several months ago.  The Yankees just completed a sweep of the Red Sox in a thrilling game in essence wining the division race in early July.

Till next Wednesday, 7/7/04 at 7:00 pm in Carroll's.