Caroll's 41st Street


Jam is Carroll's Studio 3A with no Brotpen

It was back into Carroll's studio 3A, again without the presence of Brotpen who is missed on many levels.  It didn't mean we didn't play well though.  Being well rehearsed from the Saturday night jam at Trister's left us with a sense of confidence that let our music speak for itself.  The instruments sounded good but the PA way a bit boomy competing with the natural reverb of the room.  I tried to play piano for a song or two.  I survived the quietness of the Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down, but that was it.  It is impossible for the miced piano to compete with us.  If I were you Rich, I would call Carroll's and find out what it costs for them to added a Keyboard to the room, cause as good as the Piano sounds when we are quiet, it is useless when we are at full steam.  Just my amateur 2 cents.

I think Kev and Coffee really hit some good marks on some of the challenging songs i.e. Cats Down Under the Stars.  Esau was really good and structurally sound.  Ship of Fools with transposing to Bb always causes a glitch or 2.  The Dylan Combo at the end was really hot.  Considering no one but me knew Tomorrow is Such a Long Time, it came off really good.

Kev and Coffee hit up the new Fresco Taco on 41st and 9th and said it was better than the old one.  That is certainly encouraging.

Till next Thursday, 7/1/04 at 7:00 pm in Carroll's.