William Weiss Interiors Studio


Dave's birthday w/ Katz's and Deadstein keeps on growing.

It's good to be the freak and to be in its presence. Without it, what else do we have except all that is not freak. That's for the rest of the week but Deadstein seeks to be the freak. Brrrrp!

It was a great night, so much going on. All were in town including Larry M., Donny H. and the rest of the freaky entourage.

It was Dave's birthday show and he made a strong setlist and due to his tremendous catering and impeccable timing, we played lots of music with time to spare. A beautifully coordinated evening.

The Box of Rain was just superbly played. As good as the music was, and it was great, we keep rising to a higher level and this Trister stuff certainly doesn't hurt, the food deserves discussion.

Katz Deli was the order for the night and we had a great buffet of kosher style delicacies. The best pastrami in the world was complimented by fair corned beef. Brisket was good. Knish and fries are about as good as you get. I would be psyched to find a better knish if it's out there. There's better corned beef but no one touches Katz' pastrami. Dave really pulled the big one and they also delivered. Love that stuff. Hot dogs, Dr. Browns, buckets of ice and pickles, a Rye Bread! Unbelievable and Dave deserves a lot of credit. Save that order slip!

Got other work to do, I gave it a go for old times sake but someone else can fill in the blanks becuase there were lots of great moments worthy of mention.