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Election Day 1998, Not a good one for the GOP

  • A magical brand type of night.  The music seemed to float out of its own recognition.
  • It was election day and it was miserable for the Grand Old Party.  
  • Guests include Brenna and Andy's friend Terry.  Johnny slept early on but pulled off a good crust Delicioso meal.  Really good stuff.  Rice balls were a big hit, ziti in meat sauce, Crusty pie, pre-dressed salad and bread with extra butter.
  • Great music, Cumberland was sweet, so was the Devil.  The whole big song from Dark Star back into the Playing in the Band was big.
  • Dave was there for most of the first set but left for some Squeeze wannabe concert.  Tempted by the fruit of the crack of my ass.
  • Terry played guitar for the second set as Andy played drums with Scott during the It's All Over Now and I joined Scott for the Tangled Up and drummed solo during the Deal.  Just like one of Jerry's kids'.