William Weiss Interiors Studio


Two steps forward and a step back is still progress.

  • I think it was a less than magical night, we lost our softness thing and there was a lack of kindness, listening and rhythm.
  • Guests include Andy's Jayson and those two people from Queens who I really don't know so if some one wants to chime in with some names that would be cool.
  • Lisa G. had a cancelled sales meeting resulting in a great chopped vegetable platter and finger sandwich rolls and other goodies.  Supplimented by a terrible version of McDonalds Johnny ran for.  That just has some bad karma involved with it and it just doesn't belong.
  • You know you don't use your scanner enough when you go to scan this weeks setlist and last week's is still on the glass.
  • Pretty cold outside but crisp.  Lots of traffic on the way in and out of the city.
  • 8 teams tied for first in the NHL, NBA on strike, Cone signs 1 year, $8 million/year contract with the Yanks and I just finished Zen Guitar, a book which needs to be passed on to the rest of the band.

The Way of Zen Guitar is learned day by day, minute by minute, second by second, now, to eternity. There is no faster way.   Beginning students also commonly ask, "How long until I get my black belt?" They are told, they'll never earn a black belt so long as they ask that question. To be obsessed with the destination is to remove the focus from where you are.

In Zen Guitar, the black belt is not a goal or an end. At other schools, the black belt may signify ultimate achievement, but in Zen Guitar, it is only a point along the path. I have great respect for those who reach the black belt level; it takes sincere commitment. But the true Way of Zen Guitar asks black belt players to redouble their training until their belt becomes so worn and frayed it begins to lose color and returns to white. Only through completion of that circle--white to black, black to white--can one know the depth of the Way.

Excerpted from the introduction to Zen Guitar, available in hardcover at bookstores everywhere. Hardcover published by Simon & Schuster, paperback available from Fireside/Touchstone.