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The Zen of not taping.

Sorry for the late post but there are those times that writing this stupid posting after a jam is next to impossible.  While it would have been possible it was so much nicer to just go to bed like the rest of you.  Actually, I assume Larry doesn't go right to bed.  I continued the path of the Zen of not taping.  I am enjoying it.  It is very liberating.  Freedom, there is nothing like it.

Anyway it was a jam with no guests and all there.  Well, Freakboy was only there long enough to say he wasn't staying but had to rest up for Ringo Starrs'.   In think the night started strong and ended weakly and over all could have been below average, after all some nights have to be below average, they can't all be better than average.

I liked the C.C. Rider the best, it gave me time and room to explore the new realms I have been discovering  I was moving between sus4s, 7ths, 9ths, 13ths and back and forth.  It was really slick and smooth.

I of course loved my drumming and have fun doing it.   It is tiring stuff but the physical aspect of it all is exhilarating.