Laura Cohen House


Laura Cohen Birthday party in Jericho, NY

There is something freaky about Laura Cohen parties, Deadstein and cicadas because they had a lot to do with a freaky summer party in Massapequa on May 25, 1992 (Read about it hear) when they were in season if you remember and had little to do with this 30th Birthday Party accept we did see one or two. When I got home, after the whole long day to post this setlist and write up, I opened one of my gig bags that had my DAT player to listen to the party while writing this and a giant cicada jumped out of the bag at me.  Pretty scary stuff once again for a someone in  his bedroom at 2:30 in the morning.  I let out a scream like you can't believe.  I flushed in down the toilet too quickly, I should have scanned it.   At least Scott scanned the evening and he needs to E-mail me a few digital shots ASAP for the webpage.

It was a cool party.  Laura and Ian threw a classic.   Great food, drinks, lighting!!! and music.  Took care of the neighbors and hosted the largest assembly of Deadstein to play out without a peep from the cops.   Larry got the fiberglass insulation going behind the drums and voila.  We were blowing fuses early on in pre-jam testing, having trouble getting the PA amp juiced up but after it all, the sound system worked great. Very comfortable.  I don' think Paul fed back once.  I had a nice squeal when I first plugged the POD in.  I only used it for one song and went straight into the Twin.  Sounded great.  Trister had to go to 10 on his, I only had to go to 5.5.  It's usually the other way around.   Well, I wasn't getting shocked.

Scott deserves yeoman credit for once again hosting us at WWI and having to put up with us and the responsibilities that entails.  He got the van going.  Did the load in with Dave, Rich and Johnny.  I wish I could have been there for the load in but was glad to do the load out.  It went very quick and well.  

The gig was a lot of work on a very hot sweaty day.  In the middle of a hot, hazy heat wave, we had a hot day but a night filled with nice breezes and no threat of rain.  Always hot and sweaty, but it added to the atmosphere.   Speaking of atmosphere, we had Pauly Pos to Pos it up the music and he sounded better than ever.  I'm listening to the Eyes as I type and heard the hot Pos second jam and wish we would have the PA system in stereo, I could only imagine what that would of sounded like.  The tape sounds great and has nice proper separation.  You hear everything so well.  What you hear is a Larry --> Andy Music jam that's too good.

All the stuff aide about the party the food, music heat, traffic, grandma, pregnancy, Deadstein played some pretty hot stuff.  All the no rehearsal we do really paid off.   We played to solidly precisely which was an accomplishment considering we plaid sweaty drenching wet.  Andy was getting shocks and breaking strings.  Almost every songs was well plaid, few points of lethargy or losing anything.  The ones that come to mind are Scarlet / Estimated transition but we pulled through nicely.  The end of Eyes just died instead of playing through to the next song.  Accept for these few blemishes the jams are all good.  Sound is perfect in the mix.  Larry did a great job carrying all the vocals for the night.

It was good to get back next to Kevin, we rocked.  I know Larry fears him.  I heard some really good Dave drumming during the Franklins.  We did the end of the Scarlet twice during the night, which is odd, after the scarlet and the fire.

Once again, to close, a great party.  Best of luck to Laura and Ian on the house, baby and the rest.  Great to see Paul, Michelle, Steele.   There were many other guests, almost all I didn't know but they put up with us and and few even genuinely liked us.  Including Grandma.