William Weiss Interiors Studio


Recovery after the party and we're back where we belong.

Setting up after the big party caused a little slow down for this week but nevertheless, we managed to get setup and play some meaningful music.  I provided everyone with the three CD set of the Laura Cohen party.  I hope everyone enjoys them.  It was tough to rearrange some of the electrical outlets.  Larry was getting a bit shocked.  If anyone has any good powerstrips at home I suggest they bring them into the studio.  We can use a few more for comfort.  It would also be nice to eliminate and of them that seem dangerous.   Like that orange one with the exposed wires.  We toyed around on that Wind Cries Mary a little.  There are probably other songs we did, I just forget.  I also forgot the Setlist so I put up the Photo taken from the 7-13-99 jam.

I moved back close to the drums to be closer to Kevin.  I'm not sure how I liked it.  I was too close to the PA speaker for comfort.  For the second set I started jamming the Estimated on Drums with Kevin, Dave and Andy, then everyone else joined in for the whole song.  I was able to sustain the Estimated jam well, holding it together and Scott and I put down some cool grooves.  I switched back to Dave's set for the Doin' that Rag and Eyes of the World.  Was lots of fun although Dave's drum kit really sucks.  For the first set, it was the first time the POD felt really good to me while playing at loud volumes, which was good news.  I made some good use of the Leslie or Rotary effect as they call it.  Kevin liked it, Dave didn't.  If you can't please everyone, you gotto please Kevin.  I'm sorry, it's yourself. Mets

Guests for the night include Rich of WWI and Mike and his friend from Vermont, Doug, showed up toward the end of the first set and enjoyed the rhythms through the rest of the night.

Deliciozo was ordered for the night.  Riceballs, but no butter, a great pie, ices, no bread, good salads and that was about it.  Mark McGuire hit homeruns #500 and #501 and the Mets held onto a game and a half lead over the Braves.   M-E-T-S, Mets, Mets, Mets!!