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Original, stripped down Deadstein rocks before the sojourn.

p>There were no guests, no Brotman and no Johnny and no Trister.  We played very well considering.  We seemed full of energy and played powerfully through the last note, which isn't always the case.  Things were tight and crisp.

Scott is heading across the pond to the east for next and then he and Larry are heading west to see the Gratful Dead's bass player and the band he assembled.  The bass player?  Anyway, with all this touring and travel going on the likelyhood of jamming next week is slim unless someone acts upon it.   I know there is a phone number somewhere onthis website.  As a matter of fact, Ultrasound, at 251 west 30th Street  is at 212-714-1079.  The place was pretty good last time.  Dave bought a new Shure Beta 58 Mic.

Fortunately the Mets were off because they have lost 6 games since we reported on them last week and they are now 1 and one half games out of the wildcard.   How so much can change in a week.  Remember the Deadstein Forum is up and running so speak of non-timely topics in there.  Deliciozo with rice balls, a sausage pie, on the puffy side which freaked me out a bit, good presoaked salad, drinks, veal parm, and more.  Typical stuff but were having trouble with some of the bare necessities.  Trister amp is in the shop to bring it up to the new millenium and I took this sojourn to do the same with my amp.  www.carlsonamps.com, hopefully he can add some life to these gems. The weather and traffic were pretty kind.