William Weiss Interiors Studio


The Freak Kipper is beginning again.

There were no guests, no Brotman and no Johnny.  The room seemed a bit hollow but we still seemed to play our hearts out in the firsy set and it seemed like there wasn't much left in the tank for the second set.  Kevin was in form I haven't seen him in for years.  I thought he was going down.  I think the Don't Let Go Jam was the hight light of the night.  I also liked much of the Mexicali.  In addition, the Bertha had a nice slowness to it. 

I thought much of the second set was for nought.  Speaking of which the knots were quite good, so was the Pizza and salad.  And for the first time the rice ball weren't too heavy.  The world isn't perfect.

The first of two big Met/Braves series started tonight as they are heading down the stretch neck and neck.  IN a close 2 to 1 defeat, Chipper Jones Knocked 2 out of the park, handing the Mets a tough loss on a fine pitched game by Rick Reed.  Mets are now 2 games back. Our area is recovering from Hurricane Floyd and the rain it bestowed upon us.