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Many return from treks unheard of while Trister's still on his.

After a week with no jam, Scott and Larry coming off of their glorified triumph of Mt. Dead, friends coming in to see us, the return of the Freak you would expect Deadstein to give it best.  Well there were times that were good but it wasn't our best.  There was just a lot going on and sometimes the grooves suffered.   Nevertheless, it's better than being anywhere else.  The Pizza was great!!!

We had a few guests including Michael and his Van Morrison head friend, my friend Bill the Rug guy.  The big news was the return of the new and cleaner Freak.  Rich was back, Larry and Scott had stories of backstage and more.   Kevin and Dave didn't have anything new.  Trister was still away as he must really be Jonesing to play his new improve Twin.  It's a beaute.

Music was good at times and floundered a bit.  Larry had trouble taking some of the singing during the shocking beginning of Brokedown and slammed the meters down.   You can't blame him on that one.  Kevin had a great intro to the Greatest Story.  He really shines during that one.

Mets lost Game 1 against Atlanta in the NLCS, and recently lost game 2.  It's not looking good.  Rice balls, dried freak, salad, veal parm, bread and butter and a load of bad Dead songs were the fare for the evening.  It was a beautiful day and night.

Until next Tuesday, same freak time, same freak channel.  Don't forget the Forums!