William Weiss Interiors Studio


A no Trister night and Dave with new drums parts.

You gotta believe.IWell it was a week to morn the end of the baseball season as the Mets gave it their best to beat the might Braves.  They gave their gallant best but came up a little short.  What the Mets did is wear-out the Braves physically and menatlly to the point that the Braves had no more to give.  So the season is over waiting for the next century to perform a few more miracle.  The Mets, official baseballl team of Deadstein.  Buy me some butter and Cracker Jacks is Deadstein's motto for Shea.   I guess there is no more to say about this baseball season.  It comes and goes but Deadstein just goes.

Speaking of going, Larry B. informed us he is doing a large portion of the Phil tour coming up so we better schedule Deadstein around Trister's schedule for the next few weeks to make sure he is there.  He missed this week and many recent weeks and we can't afford to not have him there when Larry is gone.  So Trister was gone this week, no guests, Brotpen was back and Dave had a nice assortment of new drum skins and pedals.  He finally replace those worn-out 1972 parts from Scott's set and it sounds real good.   All I can say is it's about time and I wish him the best of luck, I'm looking forward to the improvement.  Scott was dressed like a Samarai drummer, regailed in headband and all.

Deliciozo was had but Mr. Delicozo didn't make enough Rice balls in the morning for the troops.  In substitution, Johnny over-ordered leaving Dave with a handful of Italian food to feed the homeless.  I bet you he ate it all himself before he went to bed.  We had lots of bread and butter this time.  The weather was very nice and until next week.