William Weiss Interiors Studio


The last week of Larry B. before being Philled in for a couple.

There was plent of Karma in the room this week, not all of it was good, not all of it was bad, but it was there.  Plenty of money bickering and injuries was on tap.  People kill for that green stuff.  Kevin broke his foot when pulling a Tom a Jerry scene with Johnny.  The mouse got the best of that one but isn't that the way it usually works.  Scott had the air sickness bag deployed behind the drums.  Rich could only stay half the night as it was back to the grindstone for him.  There wer some nice Larry / Andy leads in a few songs although there was some fizzling out of some stuff that was terrible.  Playing in the Band and Cina Cat transition and I Know you Rider to name a few.  Kevin's foot injury knocked him off his game plan.  Wind Cries Mary was half assed at best.  From a musical perspective it was good to have Andy back adding they greatness of his.  We had a few guests.  Bill, Mike and Eric, I think.

Deliciozo had the rice balls, good pizza, burnt knots and more.   Knicks win their season opener tonight as the Nets lose but our minds and hearts are still with the Mets and their couragous season.The weather was rainy for the first dark, depressing week of eastern standard time.  Until next week.