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Jordan Weenz comes in for a bluegrass freaky night.

No Larry B., No Brotpen but Jordan Weenz made his first Deadstein appearance.  We played some freaky music some bluegrass and more freaky stuff.  Jordan was on his mandolin and I was on the old five string banjo and we played some cool bopping bluegrass stuff.  The China Cat was memorable as was the Catfish.  Jordan's apparently only been playing the mandolin for two months but he pulls it off well.  The Birdsong got cut for food.  It was a pretty long first set considering we started late, close to 8:00 clock.  I brought the POD in and split it and mixed it using the volume peddle's A/B fader into the Twin.  At first it was shocking me, or the S. sweets were and it was pretty spooky.  I aborted the setup and then got back into it.   Once I had enough confidence it was going to be killing me I liked it.

We were playing so well that we forgot about food.  Johnny was Johnny on the spot and pulled off the great Burger King run.  Really a nice job.   He also got me the newest Buckethead CD, released on the  extra-crispy label.   I wanted to listen to it on the way home but I put it in backwards in my trunk and got a Er6 message on my car radio.

This is in the midst of the Phil/Dylan tour and there was lost of talk of it in the room.  Jordan and Scott were in New Haven last night and Larry B. is the middle of somewhere he only knows.  Tremendous traffic getting in to the city and  it is a cold and crispy night, coldest of the season so far.  Kevin   has a cast on for the leg he broke last week and it looks as if the Mets are soon to pick up David Wells for their assault on that team we don't talk about at Deadstein.  

Till next Tuesday.