William Weiss Interiors Studio


First jam of the millennium? The kinder, gentler Deadstein?

It was the first jam of 2000 and we go it off they way it should.  No guests and everyone was there, both members and groupies.   There was lots of talk of musical tastes, talents, volumes, sounds, maturity, Zen, and just plain sucking as Andy says which made for and edgy night.  In any case well be better for it.  All of this followed last week's giant posting job done by all.  I gotto thank Kevin and Dave for listening to me, not agreeing, but nevertheless putting up with my craziness.

Andy made the move to the front of the room where I used to stand,  Larry erected the great pink barrier.  The sound was a nicely softer at times like during the Jack-A-Roe and Playing.  Trying to play to hear the elevator bell. 

Deliziosa was a good pizza, Johnny ordered right on, not over.   The ices were flavorless, rice balls were non-existent, hot bread but no butter.   It was cold going into Scott's but warm leaving.