William Weiss Interiors Studio


No Larry B or Brotman to join us but we do have a new mixer.

It was a week of Larry B. in Florida and Rich away in the rat race so it was a paired down Deadstein  experience.  It was paired up by the freaky oboe sounds we had for a moment or two and Scott's friend Howie, who showed up for the Baby Blue to the end.   In addition, the new mixer made it's debut and wasn't any worse than what we had before and I think it was better.   We had 5 mics going at least which is good and it didn't feedback once but it wasn't oprresively loud either and didn't have too much more it could go.  I think it was loud enough and had a bit more stable power than the old setup.

For the record everyone owes me $30 for the mixer.  Paid in full are Larry B, Dave S. and  Johnny.  Scott owes me $10 and Rich, Andy and Kevin owe me $30 each.  Scott was talking buying his own relatively good mic and everyone at this point has Shure SM58's so Scott should probably get one of those, with a mic clip, estimated Street price of $99.00.  Finally, Johnny also purchase 2 x 25' XLR-XLR mic cables for this week so I hope everyone knows and appreciates that effort.

Kevin and Johnny had their typical tirade at the beginning of the night.  Dave came in with a little nosh from Bens and that sustained us food wise throughout the night.  No additional food was ordered which enabled us to finish the setlist plus a few more songs.  We have probably done that more in the 2000s than we did in the 1900s.  Is that the way you say that?  Actually we didn't do the Rooster on the set list but the additional other songs made up for it, Believe it or Not.

The music was pretty good.  Kevin and Dave are struggling to give me some of that "Zen-Kabobby" that I am seeking and I know it's chore for them and it's probably not in their hearts but I do appreciate the effort.  The music was more open this week, but we also had two fewer people.  The oboe, like a good fish oil, really doesn't clog the arteries so that was a non-factor. 

I was pretty well setup with my setup, using the ART SGX effect and the accompanying surfboard on new strings and everything was still warm from my jam at Scott's over the weeked.  Andy brought in his surfboard.  The room was cleaned quite a bit and rewired so many of the redundant and unused wires were picked up and placed down somewhere.  I brought in another set of mics to mix in the board for more of a soundboard but never implemented them.  We can now do more of that without disturbing Kevin's taping experience.  We can also hhok up Dave's headphone thing better.

Howie did a great job on singing the Baby Blue and Truckin and his leads were also really good.   It was nice.  It was freezing out for the fist time all season.  We finished about 15 minutes late as we played additional songs.  After it all, Johnny and I went to Bayard Street for some good spare ribs and mediocre other stuff, thus resulting in the late post. 

Till next Thursday we we'll all be back, I think.