William Weiss Interiors Studio


Last jam of the millennium and jam #51 for 1999. Everyone was there for the enjoyment.

It was the last jam of the millenium and we played oh so very big.  So big, that with the first crash of the Help on the Way I knew I needed some space and had to run a away.  I felt like Larry Brent and was nauseated by the volume and the fullness and realized my space by the drums and Kevin was no longer comfortable and not for me.  I was patiently waiting for the first set of songs to end, which seemed to take forever considering it was the big Help -> Slip -> Estimated -Eyes combo, so I could move my amp and myself back to the guitar section of the band.  It was definately much more relaxing and barable back there.

The whole crew was there except for Johnny who was enjoying his mansion and his yacht in Florida.  It was week #51 for 1999.  While it's an impressive showing for one year it was two shy of the 53 weeks we played in 1998.   The new millenium and the year 2000 hopefully will have a lot to bring to Deadstein.  Come October 2000, Deadstein will embark on it's second decade which is quite an accomplishment.  You would figure we would mature musically in 10 years but what do you expect ?  Immaturity seems to be in our blood.  I have to agree with Larry, it's a screaming match in there and not an attempt to make good synegistic music.   There has to be more when playing for the good of others rather than the good for yourself.  Scoring goals on a losing team get you no satisfaction when compared to getting assists on a winner.  We need to play to make the freak next to you better instead of holding his head down under water by you selfish play.  It would be nice to have as a goal to make better music in 2000 instead of showing off individual prowess of how many notes can be played in a second. 

Grow up Deadstein!!!!  It's about time.