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A full band one set extravaganza

A full boat with the appearance of Patric from Florida for his triumphant return.  Andy continued with a week on his Telecaster which we will miss next week since he'll be in Atlanta seeing Larry Keel instead of playing with Deadstein.   Boy, you lend someone and banjo and they turn into a touring Keelhead.  Who would figure?

The Straw was a little late to start as I forgot that the PA wasn't working without me and I was on the phone provided some emergency tech-support to my brother.  Anyway,  I got that thing working and we were on our way.  I liked the Straw which transitioned nicely into a slinky Franklin's cut short by Larry.   Maybe next time before we play the Franklin's we should take viagra so we can keep it up.  It's two times in a row we petered out on that song and it's not a good trend.  I thought it wasn't really dragging until then end when the anchor was thrown overboard.  Actually thought the Franklin's had a subdued bouncy feeling for most of it as opposed to the usual overpowering of a simple beat. 

Day's Between was pretty good for a song that we don't really do and probably few of us really know.  You gotta give Larry credit for being able to sing that one and he pulls it off some how.  It had a nice extended spacey jam at the end which transitioned into a sloppily played Music Never Stopped.  Larry had a good first round of the lead but I think he caught Andy off-guard for the turnover so it took him a while to get going on that, but once he's going, watch out!

I think we had a few good song-to-song transitions this night which is pretty rare for us.  The only real bad transition was the Uncle-->River but the River eventually turned into a good rendition.  It hatched, as Andy said. 

The Lazy River Road was pretty good.  I really like that song, it's a beauty.  I probably like it the best of the new Dead songs.  Speaking of which, what ever happened to Corrina?  Has she been slighted.

The Maggie's Farm into the Cumberland was well transitioned.   Both those songs exhibited the appropriateness of the old Tele sound as a country twang filled the air.  Both those songs galloped nicely.  Patric had been requesting a Deep Elem Blues all night and we accommodated him by not only playing it, but by also letting him sing.  While Patric persistently apologized for it, he did a good job on the song.  Things began to fall apart quickly thereafter as Dave muttered Kevin's three least favorite words, "Good Night Irene."  We got through a portion of that song.  At this point, Larry was sitting, Dave and Kevin were playing guitar and I had the Modulus for a marginal Death Don't have no Mercy and a Led Zeppelin tune, Rock and Roll, which really rocked and rolled.  Scott had the drum thing and Andy provided the rest.  He did a good job on the Robert Plant part.  The song never floundered, which was no fluke.  You can tell by the eyes. 

It was a poor Deliziosa night. It came too late and too cold. Johnny pulled of an expert order.  If the food was good, Di-a-nyu.  The rice balls, you bet, were about as bad as they have ever been.  Apparently under-cooked and crusty, just like the pizza.  The Garlic knots were over-cooked but right on.  They were the highlight of the meal.  Even the salad was a bit rancid.  Veal parm was good, assortment of pasta dishes rounded out the meal.   For dessert we had a preponderance of toasted almonds supplemented by strawberry shortcakes and ices.  As a capper, Scotty had some sweets he was saving for us which was so nice of him that we were all choked up and dizzy.  It was pretty comical.   I guess it was one of those sweet and sour desserts which I was tasting and enjoying for my whole ride home.  I think I'm still tasting it as I write this colloquy.  Whoa!

Knicks climbed back into the eastern conference finals by tying Indianopolis at 2-2.  The exciting part is still to come.  Devils started their Stanley cup finals with a 7-3 win over Dallas and the Mets had a nice 10-5 win over LA.   Larry tells tales of today's music and youth with the despicable showing by Blink-182.  The weather was good although a bit cold for the end of May.