William Weiss Interiors Studio


The Freak Four play a full night of big songs.

The last minute cancellations by Kevin and Rich, as well as the planned absence of Andy, left a quartet of Larry, Dave, Scott and I to uphold our Freaky tradition.  For the most part we held it up well as we play energetically through the finish line.  If it weren't for the inevitable cramp in Scott's leg we may still be playing.  Our Freakboy was there and Sonny stayed and listened and broke bread with us for the entire night.

It was a night of themes.  We went from 1974 to dinner to me on bass through the Other Ones.   We finished up with Garband into Dylan and closing with some old classics.  It felt good and shockingly enough, we never lost our focus or drive to play. 

It was a very wet and rainy day and night.  Lots of flooding and water to contend with.