Smash Studios A


In Studio A for some hot jamming but Core Deadstein.

Core Deadstein again in Studio A of Smash Studios.  Trister was late getting in from his meeting in Iselin, NJ so we had the 3 song first set without him.  After he got in we started with a jam. feeble attempt to do the Baba O-Reilly but it was fun.  That just went into 3 big songs including a Terrapin that was slow yet delicate where we all locked in a listened and grooved with each other.  You could cut the tension of that song with a knife.  Let it Grow cooked after it got going.    Senor Joey had moments except for Trister's lead which is where we lost it, up through that point it was good.  Help Slip Franklins was there and Trister thought the Sugar Mag was just about our best.

I made it to the Fresco Taco in time to get the traditional C5. The Yankees just lost the World Series to the Marlins this past weekend.  Till next Tuesday.