Smash Studios A


Core Deadstein does 8-30-78 show plus a few more.

Happy again to be in Smash Studios A.  This week was with the core Deadstein as Terez is off training for the marathon.  We've been training for this marathon for the past 14 years.  We pulled off and entire 8-30-78 tribute jam and had time and energy to play even a few more songs.  Except for just a stumble or two we completed the 20 song set with some good expertise.  Looks Like Rain was no good.  If I had the World to give was surprisingly tight.  The rest of the night was very good.  A pleasure to play.

I made it to the Fresco Taco in time to get the traditional C5. There was very little traffic so it was a pleasure getting in and out of the city.  The Yankees are about to win their 2nd game in the world series against the Marlins and it looks like the purchased yet another championship.  We had a nice discussion of the Ethiopian Jews during dinner and the hunt for the ark with radar.