Smash Studios A


Smash Studio A and we played lots of songs.

Making Smash Studio A our new home, we seem to be getting comfortable in it.  This week was again core Deadstein in Studio A and we had achieved a relaxed state of music.  Playing almost straight through the night with only the smallest of breaks.  There were no guests which just left us to our own devices.  I accidentally pulled the plug on the end of Mitch's MD recording which I am truly sorry for.  We did some things really well.  The Attics of My Life not being on of them.  The Help Slip Franklins was very good.  I noticed some 5/16/81 Nassau Coliseumesque types of notes from Trister during the Althea.   The Eyes of the Maker was pulled off surprisingly well.  I was playing my Heritage since my 79 Strat is in the shop having it's DiMarzio virtual vintage pickups put in.  There will be no more buzz from me.

Since I was off that day for election day I came in and parked on the street and had no time for dinner.  Traffic wasn't too bad.  Till next Tuesday.