Smash Studios A


Smash Studio A again with core Deadstein.

Making Smash Studio A our new home.  It was all male Deadstein as Mini T had the proverbial Maxi cold.  Ken L, his son and his girlfriend were the only guests for the evening and they stayed for the first 4 songs.  We played up to the demanding audience and gave some real good stuff.  I know we must have played additional songs but I cannot think of them.  I had my new DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups in my 79 Strat and I think I liked them.  

Since I was off that day for Veterans  day I came in and parked on the street and had no time for dinner.  Traffic wasn't too bad.  I ate some rats from 8th Avenue on the way home.  I recommend against it. The fries were cold.  Till next Tuesday.