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No Larry Brent to sing Johnny happy birthday.

It was a strange night of Deadstein.  Larry Brent was all Philled out with a case a laryngitis and writers block.  He took the week off to recover.  In addition, Kevin and Andy couldn't convince Tommy Whappa Banjo to come to take up the slack, so it was left to the rest of us to sing for the night.  Alan Winkler of August West was our only guest and sat in during the times that Dave wasn't playing guitar.

It was a Johnny birthday show with a selection of many closing songs in a row to close the jam.  I wish him a very happy and freaky birthday, and for it he got his complete setlist, no more, no less.  You gotta admit Kevin's setlist is pretty ingenious.

George W. Bush was on David Letterman and reading the "Top 10 List" for "What changes would happen in the White House if he were elected?" and the #2 answer was, "Give the Oval Office a good scrubbing."  I thought it was funny.  Mets and Yankees start their subway series on Saturday.  Till then.  Let's go Mets! M-E-T-S, Mets, Mets, Mets.  Weather was nice, it's a good time for the Mets to beat the Yankees.