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The mid-Subway Series jam.

It was a quiet, relaxed night of Deadstein.  Playing on a Monday, to avoid confrontation with the pending World Series seem to be the lull before the storm.  Dave and Andy didn't make it but there was some good music that was had.  Everything that was to be a disappointment was able to rise to the occasion, which was Monday Deadstein without Dave and Andy.  This coupled with the small gap between this and last week fostered a confident and mature level of play.  Looking at the setlist, it looks depressing but it wasn't so.  Only did the Deep Elem get a little lethargic.

Kevy tried one of my new compressors, the FMR Audio 1773.  For the first time, I enjoyed and appreciated the new speakers in my amp.  They were sounding pretty warm.  I was getting some cool midi stuff going including real spacey stuff in the Wharf Rat.  Larry's amp was developing a nice little buzz so he used my other one, so he used my other one.  Kevin got to do a bass solo during the Simple Twist of Fate.

Mets down 2-0 but are coming home to Shea.  Its the game after Clemmons threw Piazza's broken bat back at him.  I also have to comment on an unbelievable Jets comeback because Johnny and I were commenting how funny the broadcast was in that the announcers were saying how bad the Jets were and that the games was essentially over.  I didn't listen to it on the way home and had no idea the won till the morning.  The weather was beautiful outside.