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A musically lethargic night that sent Trister running from the ice.

After five weeks we finally have a president elect, G.W. Bush. No more talk of Presidential politics on this page until 2004. God willing.  Speaking of offensive, we had a pretty lethargic night of music featuring only a few hot songs.  This was due to bad timing of the Delicioza, a sick Tommy Banjo, Andy leaving after one set, no Larry Brent and the imminent demise of Deadstein as we know it.  Short of this it was a good night.

Penny was our only guest and she certainly brings her own special "pos" to the room.  Tefillin Ken was also there to fill in for Larry who busy moving into his new home. Johnny was just plain AWOL.  Never mind any of the neg, Tommy regained his strength for the second set, George W will be President and all the wrangling and recounts stop.

Actually, come to think of it, I think most of the music was good.  China, Rider, Mama, Mex moved nicely.  In contrast, the Candyman was subtle and peaceful.  CC Rider also sustained a long, slow pace without dragging.  I have no recollection of a Sugaree.  Did we even play one?  Penny seemed to like the Memphis Blues, a nice ode to the Gore-Lieberman ticket.  I'm sure we played at least on other song that I don't remember.

From Loser on, it was over.  Tefillin Ken was gone early, there was chaos in the air and it fell apart.  A lack of zeal and gusto.  We need a Starbucks concession down there.

It was a night of the Gore concession speech and Bush victory speech and a looming ice storm to hit around midnight.  Due to an unexpected super slick sheet of ice, I narrowly averted a major accident on I-287on the way home.  There were four cars just ahead of me that hit a patch of ice and spun and crashed simultaneously, leaving a melee in  the middle of the highway.  This accident scene was coming to a conclusion as I started sliding into in.  I used the clutch and not the brake and somehow avoided this accident that may have racked up several cars behind me.  I didn't stick around to see after I saw a car behind me get caught up in it.  Till next week when I'll test drive the Banjo mobile.