Caroll's 41st Street


A small scaled down night a Caroll's.

This was definitely a scaled down version of Deadstein.  Only 1 drummer, 2 guitarists, no keyboards and only one real singer. Scott was gone, Larry B. was gone and Rich was gone.  Leaving only a few of us to freak-about including our number one freakin' groupie..  It was Good Friday eve which doesn't mean a lot to Deadstein except I at least got off on Friday making it a good one.  It allowed for a post Deadstein visit to Wo Freakin' Hop, and there's nothing wrong with that.

We had some Zeppelin song that was the theme of the evening that kept finding it way as teasers in several songs and jams.  Jamming was good, crisp at times, lethargic at times an much smaller than usual.  Trister really knows how to do that Sympathy For the Devil thing.  We had trouble starting a few songs and finding our ways out of certain jams.

I was a nice night, ate with Tommy Banjo at a Thai place before and Wo Hop after.  People got CD's from the week before who were there, I got my last bunch from the massive DAT-->CD run Tom did for me and the tape from this weeks sounds good.