Smash Studios A


Week 2 at Smash, 24 songs, no Kevin, Bill Sloan, Dave on bass.

It was our second night at Smash and all worked well.  This week we had everyone except Kevin and Rich.  Dave was on bass for the second week in a row and I played synthesized guitar sounds most of the night in Stereo coming out of the PA.  I'm listening to it now and it sounds pretty good, certainly better than the Tommy Banjo bongo which I'm hearing all over the tape with no particular beat.  I should have listened to my instincts and not had them so close to the Nak 700's that taped the night.  Oh well.  It sounds like only one channel came out on the Loose Lucy, Dixie and the On the Road Again.  The rest of the tape sounds good.

Half way through the night the bongos were moved away as ex-Great Daner and roommate of Trister's and mine, Bill Sloan showed up and surprised most of us.  He took the bongo and played some cowbell with them.  Until the last 3 songs which Bill filled in for Scott on.  Besides Bill, there were no guests.

For the second week in a row Kevin wasn't there and we didn't have a set list so we went around the room picking songs and this week we play a lot of them. With a 24 song night, Smash works out to under a buck a song.  We'll never do that again.

Wow, I just heard that Casey Jones lead.  It was nice.  There were lots of good moments with good sounding music.  Some good singing.  Some dud also.  Fire was flat.  Trister surprisingly started the Loose Lucy that he placed on the banned list and it had a better groove than ever.

'Till we Freak again after Johnny wedding next Thursday.  It's hard to believe, but like the Mets miserable season, you gotta believe.