Caroll's 41st Street


A small night a Carrols to mark the beginning of 8-track recording

It was an abbreviated week once again as a full Deadstein has not been together since the Banjofest in the summer.  All we had was Tom Banjo, Dave, Trister, Me and the return of Kevin.  No guests, just us chickens.  Trister dragged himself and his amp in through a down pour a showed up as a soaked mess. 

This week also had the the first time use of my Roland VSR-880 8-track hard disk recorder and I recorded last night in full eight track beauty and it sounded good when I got home, only to be better after I mix it.   I can't believe it all worked so well and easily as I planned.  Say good-bye to the cracking DAT and hello to mixable tracks.

Till next Thursday.