Caroll's 41st Street


Ten days later at Carolls may sound like the "same-old same-old" but so much has changed outside our little freaky world.

It was a ten days since the last jam on September 10, 2001 and so much has changed.  Johnny and Mahoko are now married and the Twin Towers are no more.  Two unbelievable events none of us ever imagined would happen.  Nevertheless we had to get on with it and there was a little specialness to last night's jam to account for the events of the week.

Johnny and Mahoko were there fore a little while and Bill Sloan sat in for some percussion and drumming during the night.  Good to see him again.  Short of that, we almost had the entire band playing together but Rich Brotman was still out of town.  

Since I did another 8-track I don't have too much time to just talk here so I'll that up to you freaks.  I have your music to polish up and improve on and so little time to do it.  I exhausted from last nights taping exercise.  It was almost perfect,  I just need to mic the Rolands guitar amps instead of using the direct out but I have to build up my equipment still to make it better and ergonomically more efficient.  I hope it's all worth it so I implore everyone to do their best as we jam to make the best tape possible.  Unfortunately, I didn't live up to that last night, I was preoccupied but I think the band played well at times and had some special moments.  Time and tape will tell with it.  Sorry, Kevin.  Time and CD's will tell with it.

Till next whenever to be figured out.  God Bless America