Caroll's 41st Street


Mini-Deadstein at Carolls offers lots of songs

I was another Mini-Deadstein and we seem to be getting more comfortable and better at the format.  In the room, with no guests to speak of were me, Kevin, Rich, Dave and Tom Banjo.  I liked the setup in that I get to play all the leads for the night.  Dave also has been doing some listening to records? and it showed some nice results with some excellent grooves.  I especially liked the Box of Rain, Mexicali, Sailor Saint, Tangled Up and Brothers and Sisters. 

Feel Like a Stranger I was able to hit and hit hard.  Was lots of fun.   Hey, we did the whole setlist plus another few bonus songs.  We only blew the Dark Star off few lots of extras.  20 songs in all, that's a lot.  Wang Dang and the early songs were the weaker points but we gained in strenght as the night moved along.   I had a nice midi-space helping during the Victim and pulled off the trumpet during the Mexicali.  Finally, I had some nice trombone and trumpet backing during the Stranger lead.  Unfortunately I couldn't get the stereo thing going, no matter how hard I tried.

After a playing Monday night with the Eleven-Maspethstein, one of my other Deadstein coverbands, and going right to the original Tuesday Deadstein, things couldn't be too much different yet the same.  More people spread out over more time yet all the same music.  It's funny how Kevin's slogan for the night is Mass-freak and then there is the alter-ego of Mass-stein.  It's a lot of Mass-Freakin'stein if you ask me.  Thank God for the Grateful Dead that brings order and magnitude to all this anarchy.

Scott we need to know if your playing next Tuesday by Thursday so we know if we are booking Caroll's for next Tuesday or going to our already booked Smash Studios, room A.  Till next Tuesday.