Caroll's 41st Street


Scott bids Deadstein a fond farewell.

Well it was the night Scotty told us it was time he move on from the Deadstein nest.  It's a sad melancholy moment as we see time move and season's change and in the end, what makes us happiest in the end is the best.  Wishing Scotty the best.  Be free and be happy.  Just remember, it's not the Neumann's that make the drums sound good but the sticks. Probably for the last time, the whole band was there except for Trister. We played lots of music.  It was big and small, predominantly good.  Did the Sailor Saint for the umteenth time in a row and it does get better and better.  I Loved the It's All Over Now.  The Weather Report / Let It Grow was really bad.   C'est La Vie.  We didn't do it but it's life. Till next Thursday for those stragglers that remain to carry the menorah.