Caroll's 41st Street


Almost a full band plays pretty well.

Iconoclasts, that's what we are.   Except for Trister we had a nice full band in the third floor of Caroll's.  A bomb scare att the Port Authority earlier in the day didn't deter us from our Iconclastic ways.  Kevin's friend Ken was there with his friend Stu.  Trying to find answers in all the wrong places.  Not only does Deadstein not have answers, it doesn't even have questions.  The original "Snappa-Snapple-Gola" was there with a friend of his who hasn't seen us in a while.  It was good to see him.

Iconoclasts (def.)

1.  somebody challenging tradition: somebody who challenges or overturns traditional beliefs, customs, and values
2.  RELIGION destroyer of religious images: somebody who destroys religious images used in worship or is opposed to their use in worship
3.  HISTORY heretic in Greek Orthodox Church: a member of an 8th-century movement in the Greek Orthodox Church that tried to end the use of icons

We played pretty well.  I didn't tape and just used my Roland VG-88Ex for sounds and it was okay but rarely bad.  Nice Mama-Mex, playing Uncle Johns.  Even the Sailor Saint was better than expected.  We got through the setlist plus, who could ask for anything more?  Thank God we didn't do the Box of Rain.  In the end, the encore that was called for never materialized as each and every song that was requested was rejected.  That got us out 15 minutes early.

Till next Tuesday.