Smash Studios J


Deadstein meets Bayside at Smash Studio J in a Bizarro way.

"The show must go on" attitude is the Deadstein credo.  This was a week that Terez, Coffee-Bro and Trister were scheduled to be gone so it was only to be Kevin, Rich and I to be in Smash Studio J.  We were in search of a drummer and Coffee-Boy who understood our plight hooked us up with his old Bayside buddy Russ to play drums for us.  In addition, Alan Deutch (sp?) from 2 weeks ago also answered the call to help us out on guitar.  He had this cool Fano custom guitar he was trying out for the first time.  There is nothing like the Smash Fender Twin electric jolt to get you going through the night and he was going.  Finally, Rich broke his leg in 3 spots so he was out of commission.  So it was the four of us, 2 Deadstein guys and 2 Bayside guys with nothing guiding us but the ghosts of the Grateful Dead.  That was all we needed because for the most part the music was fun, on-going and a rewarding experience.  I got the sense that the Bayside guys felt the same way.  Fitting into the Deadstein groove in all ways without a flinch.  To them we were from the other side of the Bizarro world and they were the same to us.  Finally by the end of the night their jamming buddy Jayson also joined us for a song or two on guitar as well as helping out to sing a few.

Kev and I met for some Fresco Taco before the jam and despite the proximity to Christmas, there was little traffic.  In the world, Saddam Hussein was apprehended in his spider hole this week and the world seems like a safer place despite going to homeland security level orange.  Watch us get nuked tomorrow while I am vomiting while eating my words.  Let's hope not because 2004 may have many more surprises and adventures in it much like 2003.  Happy Chanukah to all for the few days left  We were only supposed to jam a few time times, but the miracle is that is that between October 1990 and today we have played over 500 times.   That is more than a year if you think about it.  More than I have seen Deadshows.  Deadstein is a revival/survival act.