Smash Studios B


A smashing night played to a sunset in Studio B, caught on tape.

Another night with a full band in picturesque Studio B of Smash Studio with a beautiful view of the western sky's sunset and the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.  Too bad the amp situation in that room is so meager because I like the room except for the amps.  It's open and airy without so many things that get in the way.  I liked the way the drums sounded in that room also.  Very tight.  Nevertheless, hopefully it's back to Studio A where they have better guitar amps.

We played pretty well I thought.  The whole second set was monumental with some long cool jams that had spunk and taste.  This was a hold over from the first set where our Birdsong really had some nice movements followed by a very powerful Deal closer to end the first set.  Tom kept screaming to end the songs but they kept going on and on.  Our playing was energized and bunny-like and would not stop for anything.

I got in and did the taping thing again for the second straight week..  How were last week's tapes?  If you liked those you should like these because I felt the taping technique was better this week.  I assume my drums and bass will sound better, so will the Keyboards.  They guitars will be lacking a little because of the amp situation but it wasn't hideous in the room.  I sacrificed all my effects for the night so I would have the strength to carry all my other equipment.  So I played dry under the assumption I would fix up my guitar in the mix and add the necessary ambience to the sound and feel of it.  I'll probably do the same to Andy and Banjo in the mix unless I hear from them that I'm ruining their artistic validity after they hear last week's tape.  I like what I've been doing to them in the mix so unless they object it's gonna continue.