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Hi-Fi Deadstein enters a new Golden Age.

Well May 28th was's D-Day and the more things change the more they stayed the same?  The future's here we are it and we are on our own, the Golden Age of Pericleese (sp?) and thanks for listening and putting up with me and my off-phrasing.  But then and again the the blood wind calls and it's not like anyone phrases anything else too much better.  Nevertheless, it's lots of fun to sing and I really do appreciate all you putting up with it.

We had Stu and Ken in to enjoy us last night.  They were the only guests, please notice the correction to last week's page where Stu brough a Beth to the jam not a Bev, but it's tough to hear.  Short of that we had not guests and were are down to our svelt core five, playing in Hi-Fi or High-Five but playing to make up thhe extra space.  We were playing big and hard last night, that's what she said, and it was good. 

Many excellent moments up to the point where Kev dropped his bass and couldn't get anymore sound out of it.  Off to Dave's Sound Repair it goes.   It's too bad we just pulled our first substitute of the Help on the Way which was pretty good and it was over all too soon.  It's a shame.  We were playing well and had another hour to go.  Oh well.  I played my recently fret-dressed Heritage 576 and it played and felt great.  What a pleasure especially during the Help on the Way riff's.  I was really appreciating the setup during that as it's played like butter, the offical condimment of Deadstein. Maybe that explain'skevin's problems.  Rich had problems of his Keyboard going way out off tune but that was solved by the end.

I didn't tape, I assume next week I'll be back into it.  I did get everyone first rough mixes of some of the Bill Siegel night.  The last Banjo tape.  How was it?

Till next Thursday.