Smash Studios A


Rain soaked Deadstein at Smash with Bill Siegel on keys

It was a rain soaked evening in the middle of this season of the drought.  I took the day off from work to prepare for taping the jam.  This is our first taping since the rank in file have assumed all the singing duties and once I listen I will discover it they were duties or doodies.  I assume duties but even if they are doodies don't you notice how you don't mind the smell of your own shit? 

Nevertheless there wasn't once extra person in the room all night.  Bill Siegel was kind enough to sit in for Rich Brotman who was away.  Bill brought his own keys instead of the Smashed up ones provided and brought them up front for a much more up close and personal feeling. That's not to say we weren't loud because we may have set some decible records during the Minglewood, then we settled down and little.  Not to say it was bad because we had to play loud to drown out the leakage coming from the adjacent studio's bassist.  They must have their own Kevin.

We weren't great or perfect for the evening as there were a few faux-pas but when we got into a groove we were tight.  For instance the Estimated song was all over the place from a timing perspective I think but once we hit the jam we didn't falter.  The Uncle John's Dm jam was also similar.   There's no need to be critical about the music because it was pretty good.  I loved the Halfstep and Lazy River Road though Trister struck out on his Lazy River Road lead.  Hey even Piazza stikes out 4 out of 5 times.    Terrapin was quite tight Miravle was good.

I got a tape which is hopefully good, no reason to think it wont be.   We started a bit late because of the rain delay but got a nice chunk of music accomplished.  I also was able to find time to enjo the Taco place's great C-5 fajita platter.  It's tough to beat that horse.

Till next Tuesday.