Smash Studios A


Smash Studio A is A-Okay. What else are you gonna say?

We are getting pretty comfortable in Studio A in Smash Studios.  Rich was back and we had the full band.  We had no guests except for Michael Carpetsteen who came in with me and sang through his whole personal electrical setup.  I don't know, but us guys from NJ sure bring a lot of equipment.  I brought the taping setup and hopefully got another gem. 

During the Stranger Soundcheck the console blew a fuse and was a technical difficulty.  Other than that things went smooth.  Kevin was highly sensitive to the low-boomy-woof but it was nothing compared to what we used to get at Caroll's and it was probably the lack of low-boomy-woof blocker in his mind than actual sound waves.   I think we played an good volumes both high and low through the night.

Almost lost the band on Brother Esau after a little rehersal but we percerveered and it worked out well.  We just now need to give it a good listen to see hear how it's supposed to sound.  It's a newish type of song to do.  What the hell, it was fun and sounded good and will generate a nice tape as a memento.

Till next Tuesday when we do it all again.  I doubt I'll tape but you never know.